A Drug-Free Way to Cut Your Risk of High Blood Pressure

Dairy products have been villainized by health experts for years, but they can help protect folks from a very common cause of heart disease and stroke.

How to Invest in Your Security No Matter Where You Live

With a little innovation, anyone – even city dwellers – can grow their own food. Maximize your own space, check out your neighborhood for a community farm space and get to work.

This Coronavirus “Fix” Isn’t Worth It

Big Pharma is now using female sex hormones to try to treat male COVID-19 patients. Because natural, common-sense ways to stay healthy aren’t nearly as profitable as the latest crazy treatment.

Slash Your Alzheimer’s Risk by 4X

Foods packed with flavonoids – apples, berries and tea – have been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by fourfold.

Before You Take Another Bite… Read This

Going beyond labels means empowering yourself to make better choices about your food… and taking a step toward food paradise.

The Latest Coronavirus Theory Is Blowing Smoke

French researchers are positing that smokers are less likely to contract the coronavirus. But the science behind their findings is shaky at best.

[WARNING] The Scary Truth About Coronavirus Vaccines

Coronavirus vaccines that may be released to the American public as soon as September are not curing the virus – they’re just making it stronger.

A Glass a Day Keeps Aging Away

A glass of lemon water a day does wonders for your health: boosts metabolism, protects the liver, aids digestion and more.

Don’t Drink Coffee for This Reason

Researchers may have learned a sudden dose of caffeine can reduce fat buildup… but that’s no reason to think your coffee habit will help you lose weight.

Vitamin C Just Got a Cancer-Fighting Boost

Fasting and vitamin C on their own can do wonders for your health. But combined… they’re a cancer-fighting force to be reckoned with.