Matthew Makowski

Matthew Makowski is the Senior Health Researcher for Practical Health Today. He investigates everything from age-old homeopathic folklore to cutting-edge restorative technology of the future.

Equally comfortable crunching numbers from peer-reviewed studies as he is taking a hands-on approach to health, Matthew’s experience has taken him around the globe. His 20 years of writing and research experience has taken him everywhere… from the steps of the Food Policy Institute to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Beijing.

He is committed to helping others live the best and healthiest life they can through a natural and holistic approach.

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Don’t Drink Coffee for This Reason

Researchers may have learned a sudden dose of caffeine can reduce fat buildup… but that’s no reason to think your coffee habit will help you lose weight.

Vitamin C Just Got a Cancer-Fighting Boost

Fasting and vitamin C on their own can do wonders for your health. But combined… they’re a cancer-fighting force to be reckoned with.

A Positively Simple Way to Cut Your Risk of Stroke

Thinking positive and staying optimistic does more than help your mood – it also reduces your risk of stroke.

A Cancer Fighter Hidden for 6,000 Years

Scientists have discovered miyabeacin, a chemical found in willow bark, can target and kill cancer cells.

If You’re Feeling Alone, You’re Not Alone

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are feeling lonely in the midst of the pandemic. And loneliness impacts not just our mental health but also our physical health.

Turn Down the Noise, and Turn Up Your Health

We all know loud noises can cause hearing loss. But they can also lead to high blood pressure, DNA damage and even cancer.

Mailbag: Answering Your Health Questions

We’re answering reader questions about vitamin K2, boron and food expiration dates.

[Shocking] Americans Aren’t Getting Enough of This Key Nutrient

A meat shortage is bad news for your protein intake… and your health. But there are other ways to get enough of this essential nutrient.

Absorbing the Impact of a Meat Shortage

A potential meat shortage means you could miss out on your daily dose of iron. But there’s an easy way to fix that.

The Diet Secret for a Sharper Brain

Eating a Mediterranean diet – high in lean protein, fruit and vegetables – is a great way to keep your brain healthy and ward off dementia.