Dr. Phil Roberts

Dr. Phil Roberts is a renowned and sought-after expert in anti-aging functional and regenerative medicine and is board-certified in emergency medicine. Trained in both conventional and functional medicine, he has fought against the “Band-Aid” approach to medicine for years.

After decades in the trenches, both as an Army medical doc and in the E.R., he now shares his insights on our healthcare system, patient care and how to achieve optimal health.

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A Revolutionary Way to Fight Aging

Have scientists cracked the code on slowing the aging process? It could be hiding right inside us.

This Coronavirus “Fix” Isn’t Worth It

Big Pharma is now using female sex hormones to try to treat male COVID-19 patients. Because natural, common-sense ways to stay healthy aren’t nearly as profitable as the latest crazy treatment.

[WARNING] The Scary Truth About Coronavirus Vaccines

Coronavirus vaccines that may be released to the American public as soon as September are not curing the virus – they’re just making it stronger.

One Vitamin Could Help Seniors in the Face of COVID-19

New research shows one crucial vitamin could help to determine who will live and who will die from the coronavirus.

These Numbers Won’t Make You Feel Good

COVID-19 stress has Americans reaching for antidepressants and other pills in record numbers. But exercise is a far more effective medicine.

Saving Lives Should Not Be About Politics

A drug that could save lives has been given a political affiliation. It’s crazy.

That Little Blue Pill Is Hiding Something Critical About Your Health

Everyone’s favorite little blue pill isn’t really fixing the problem of sexual dysfunction. It’s testosterone levels that are the key.

An Early Warning Sign of the Coronavirus

We’ve heard about fever and shortness of breath. But stomach and digestive issues can also be signs of the coronavirus.

The Coronavirus Is Breaking the Rules

Coronavirus is no longer only targeting old and immunocompromised people. It’s now impacting young people.

The Common Drug You Should Avoid When You’re Sick

NSAIDs are often the go-to treatment for the common cold. But they do more harm than good when it comes to defending yourself against the coronavirus.