Dr. Phil Roberts

Dr. Phil Roberts is a renowned and sought-after expert in anti-aging functional and regenerative medicine and is board-certified in emergency medicine. Trained in both conventional and functional medicine, he has fought against the “Band-Aid” approach to medicine for years.

After decades in the trenches, both as an Army medical doc and in the E.R., he now shares his insights on our healthcare system, patient care and how to achieve optimal health.

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The Essential Mineral That Many Seniors Are Missing

There’s a crucial mineral that helps protect you during cold and flu season. Are you getting enough of it?

4 Strategies to Fend Off the Flu

Before you douse yourself in hand sanitizer, there’s an easier way. Protect yourself from the flu (or any virus) using these four doctor-approved strategies.

The Coronavirus Is Here. You Need to Prepare NOW

The coronavirus is spreading. And while it’s far from reaching pandemic status, you want to be prepared nonetheless.

How One Simple Test Changed This Doctor’s Life

Dr. Phil Roberts had been practicing medicine for more than 20 years before a simple test radically changed his career. And his new approach has changed his patients’ lives for the better.

A Critical Question for Men

In this special mailbag edition of Practical Health Today, Dr. Phil Roberts answers critical questions about prostate cancer.

Does Your Doctor Know About This?

The most common treatment for sepsis is to pump the body full of antibiotics, fluids and blood pressure-improving drugs. But with the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, this is quickly becoming inadequate.

Extract the Benefits From This Anti-Aging Mediterranean Staple

Historically, olive leaves have been used to treat fevers… as a way to lower blood pressure… for diabetes prevention… and as a topical treatment on cuts and scrapes. But as an extract, the olive leaf’s benefits are robust.

Joint Pain Holding You Back? Do This Today.

Many people living with chronic pain fear that exercise will make their pain worse. But there’s a simple way to ease joint pain… and potentially even reduce it by more than 50%.