This Coronavirus “Fix” Isn’t Worth It

Coronavirus hysteria is still raging.

If you listen to the quacks and talking heads long enough, you’d think there’s nothing we can do to avoid a case of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, they’re still ignoring common-sense immune system support.

At best, we’ve been told to wash our hands, stay 6 feet apart from each other and hold out hope for a vaccine.

Now, they don’t have a vaccine to sell us yet. But Big Pharma isn’t content to sit on the sidelines during a time like this. It’s got dollar signs in its eyes, and it’s prepared to try anything to boost its bottom line.

COVID Cash Grab

Case in point, check out this wild headline from The New York Times:

The article explains that doctors in New York are using estrogen to treat male COVID-19 patients. They say it could increase immune response.

Meanwhile, doctors in Los Angeles are treating men with COVID-19 using progesterone.

Why, pray tell, would they do this?

Because – their theory goes – pregnant women have high levels of these hormones. And they tend to have mild cases of the virus.

One of the doctors in Los Angeles defended the reasoning by noting, “Something about being a woman is protective… and that makes us think about hormones.”

That’s it.

That’s the big idea behind the harebrained scheme to treat men with female sex hormones.

Well, I’ve got a hunch of my own.

Just a few months ago, this wouldn’t have made anybody’s top 100 list of treatment options. But that was before Big Pharma started working at “pandemic speed.” It has run with just about every crackpot idea it could come up with – while politicizing effective treatments.

So what gives? Why is this option being explored?

A fast-tracked vaccine is still months away at best. But Big Pharma’s got a glut of synthetic hormones it needs to sell. So it’s throwing it up against the wall to see if it sticks.

It’s yet another coronavirus cash grab… without a real solution.

Band-Aids, Not Blowtorches

But this isn’t just a ridiculous idea. It’s a scary one too.

Doctors aren’t using the natural, bioidentical form of these hormones. They’re using the fake stuff. And it could be putting their patients at risk.

The synthetic form of progesterone has been shown to interact negatively with other receptors in the body.

Studies of women using it as a treatment dealing with menopause found it led to an increased risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Big Pharma is just hoping that men will have a different reaction to these fake hormones.

It’s yet another example of the “fix” being worse than the problem.

When you get a cut on your finger, you don’t cauterize the wound with a blowtorch. You put a Band-Aid on it and let the body heal itself.

And when you’re trying to fend off a virus, you don’t start experimenting with synthetic hormone treatments. You boost the immune system safely and naturally.

But there’s no money to be made from that.

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