Health and Nutrition

Did You Get “High” Today?

Have you ever finished eating a healthy meal and then heard your brain calling for something more? Something a little sweeter?

6 Tasty Tricks for Reducing Sodium

Sodium is in almost everything we eat and drink. For some foods, it occurs naturally. But it’s added during the manufacturing process of, and as a flavor enhancer to, most things we eat. And that’s a huge problem.

Over 65? Don’t Skimp on the King of Nutrients

These complex molecules grow and maintain muscles, tendons, skin and organs. So how do you make sure you’re getting enough?

Get This Powerhouse Antioxidant From a Tiny Source

It’s the most widely served seafood in the country. It’s low in calories and dense in vitamins and minerals.

A Four-Legged Prescription That Makes Your Heart Stronger

The benefits of having a dog in your life are vast… albeit expensive. But as you’ll see, our K-9 companions do earn their keep.

8 Signs of Hunger You Shouldn’t Ignore

If your body is still yelling “feed me” even after you eat, it’s a sign you’re not putting the right things into your body when you need them. Here are eight things your body may be telling you…

Unwrapping the Truth About Dark Chocolate and Depression

A recent study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety led to some reports that dark chocolate can reduce the symptoms of depression.

This Essential Nutrient Tames a Body in Motion

Willis-Ekbom disease, better known as restless legs syndrome (RLS), is a neurological disorder that can trigger uncomfortable feelings in the legs. There’s one nutrient that plays a big role in managing RLS…

This Autumn Staple Is All Treat and No Trick

Rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, this is an easy food to incorporate into sweet and savory dishes… and your waistline will appreciate it.

Medicinal Mushrooms Day 5: Maitake

We’re finishing our series with what may be the most well-rounded mushroom on the roster: the maitake mushroom. Here are five ways maitake mushrooms can benefit your health…