Health and Nutrition

A Glass a Day Keeps Aging Away

A glass of lemon water a day does wonders for your health: boosts metabolism, protects the liver, aids digestion and more.

Don’t Drink Coffee for This Reason

Researchers may have learned a sudden dose of caffeine can reduce fat buildup… but that’s no reason to think your coffee habit will help you lose weight.

[Shocking] Americans Aren’t Getting Enough of This Key Nutrient

A meat shortage is bad news for your protein intake… and your health. But there are other ways to get enough of this essential nutrient.

One Vitamin Could Help Seniors in the Face of COVID-19

New research shows one crucial vitamin could help to determine who will live and who will die from the coronavirus.

Absorbing the Impact of a Meat Shortage

A potential meat shortage means you could miss out on your daily dose of iron. But there’s an easy way to fix that.

Try This Ancient Cure-All for Heartburn

Apple cider vinegar has a long history as a natural cure-all. And it could help alleviate heartburn.

How to Be Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water

Even the smallest amount of dehydration can trigger bad moods, headaches and trouble concentrating. That’s why it’s essential you use this simple formula to see how much water you need.

The Meal Hack That Nourishes Your Immune System

Intermittent fasting helps you lose weight and even add years to your life. And in the time of the coronavirus, it provides a crucial benefit for your immune system.

This Seasoning Isn’t Worth Its Salt for Your Immune System

It’s more important than ever that folks take care of their immune systems, which means it’s time to reevaluate how much salt you’re consuming.

This Rare Food Contains NO Cholesterol

Dates pack a healthy punch: They’re good for our digestive system, full of iron and contain zero cholesterol. And with this recipe, they make a killer sweet treat.