Health Facts

Can You GROW New Lungs?

The lungs have an incredible ability to heal after a smoker quits. And acupuncture is a surprising way that can help folks drop the habit.

3 Signs of Heart Disease Your Doctor May Miss

Blood pressure tests are designed to help us gauge our risk of heart disease and stroke. But you can’t rely on a test that won’t show you all the warning signs.

Popular Diabetes Drug Does More Harm Than Good?

Diabetes medications are designed to reduce blood sugar levels, but sometimes they do their job too well… and that leads to increased risk of irregular heartbeat, seizures and even comas.

The Hidden Chemical That’s Slowly Killing Men

Xenoestrogens are everywhere… and they’re attacking men’s bodies in ways we’re just beginning to understand.

Do Your Vitamins Actually Work?

Most of the multivitamins you can get at the store are a waste of money. Because the reality is you need to customize your vitamin intake.

This Coronavirus “Fix” Isn’t Worth It

Big Pharma is now using female sex hormones to try to treat male COVID-19 patients. Because natural, common-sense ways to stay healthy aren’t nearly as profitable as the latest crazy treatment.

[WARNING] The Scary Truth About Coronavirus Vaccines

Coronavirus vaccines that may be released to the American public as soon as September are not curing the virus – they’re just making it stronger.

Vitamin C Just Got a Cancer-Fighting Boost

Fasting and vitamin C on their own can do wonders for your health. But combined… they’re a cancer-fighting force to be reckoned with.

If You’re Feeling Alone, You’re Not Alone

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are feeling lonely in the midst of the pandemic. And loneliness impacts not just our mental health but also our physical health.

Turn Down the Noise, and Turn Up Your Health

We all know loud noises can cause hearing loss. But they can also lead to high blood pressure, DNA damage and even cancer.