Health Facts

Mailbag: Answering Your Health Questions

We’re answering reader questions about vitamin K2, boron and food expiration dates.

[Shocking] Americans Aren’t Getting Enough of This Key Nutrient

A meat shortage is bad news for your protein intake… and your health. But there are other ways to get enough of this essential nutrient.

One Vitamin Could Help Seniors in the Face of COVID-19

New research shows one crucial vitamin could help to determine who will live and who will die from the coronavirus.

A Critical Test for Hope in the Coronavirus Crisis

There’s growing optimism that antibody tests can help us understand COVID-19. And that brings us one step closer to normalcy.

Can Pepcid Fight Off the Coronavirus?

There’s a new hope in the fight against COVID-19. A study out of China has found that famotidine, the active ingredient in Pepcid, could be used to fight the virus.

The Trouble Brewing in Your Gut

Auto-brewery syndrome makes folks dangerously drunk without a drop of booze. But you can avoid this potent disorder by skipping out on antibiotics.

Why You Should Look for Sources of Vitamin D

Researchers have found a correlation between COVID-19 deaths and a vitamin D deficiency.

This Odd Pain Reliever May Have Legs

The opioid crisis is raging on right alongside COVID-19. And researchers in Australia have found that tarantula venom could be a natural alternative to addictive drugs.

What Big Pharma’s $6.6 Billion Spending Spree Means for Your Health

Big Pharma spends billions of dollars a year to get drug ads in front of American eyeballs. And it shows just how scary our healthcare system is.

The Agony of Defeat Hurts More Than Your Pride

Watching sports can be hazardous to your health… especially if you root for a losing team.