Natural Healing

Turn Back the Clock With These Anti-Aging Foods

The simplest way to delay aging is to make sure you’re getting enough antioxidants. You can find them in blueberries, cranberries, legumes and much more.

Can You GROW New Lungs?

The lungs have an incredible ability to heal after a smoker quits. And acupuncture is a surprising way that can help folks drop the habit.

A Cancer Fighter Hidden for 6,000 Years

Scientists have discovered miyabeacin, a chemical found in willow bark, can target and kill cancer cells.

Taking the Sting Out of Seasonal Allergies

Pollen allergies are rough. But bee pollen is a natural and powerful way to combat the symptoms… and even eliminate them entirely.

Try This Ancient Cure-All for Heartburn

Apple cider vinegar has a long history as a natural cure-all. And it could help alleviate heartburn.

The Lowly Weed That Can Fight Cancer

The more scientists study the health benefits of the lowly dandelion, the more they realize just how powerful it is.

The Secret Is Out on One of Nature’s Strongest Antibiotics

Manuka honey is one of nature’s strongest antibiotics. And health experts are starting to turn to the sweet stuff instead of modern medicine.

Top Foods for Fighting Depression

Food can be a powerful ally in the battle against depression. That’s why these 12 depression-fighting nutrients are critical..

What Your “Second Brain” Says About Your Health

Some fascinating research has revealed how the brain and gut talk to each other…

Add These 11 Circulation-Boosting Superfoods to Your Diet Today

Healthy blood flow starts with a healthy diet. You can fight – and even reverse – poor circulation by adding these superfoods to your diet today…