Natural Healing

Buyer Beware: This Catchall Supplement Isn’t Worth the Risks

5-HTP is an amino acid that the body naturally produces. But not everyone produces the same amount… or enough of it.

Taste the Rainbow… and Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Healthcare’s No. 1 financial killer is cancer therapy. The most recent data suggests that 30% to 40% of all cancer can be prevented by diet and lifestyle decisions.

How to Recover From a Rough Thanksgiving

Let’s be honest: Nobody feels great the day after Thanksgiving. But there are simple ways to get back on track – and feel better – fast.

How to Bounce Back From Too Much Revelry

Surviving the morning after a night of too much revelry is possible… if you know what to eat.‌

Hear Me Out… This Could Save Your Hearing

Eating well makes you stronger… helps you sleep better… improves your mood… fights off cardiovascular disease… But did you know it can also help reduce your risk of hearing loss?

Extract the Benefits From This Anti-Aging Mediterranean Staple

Historically, olive leaves have been used to treat fevers… as a way to lower blood pressure… for diabetes prevention… and as a topical treatment on cuts and scrapes. But as an extract, the olive leaf’s benefits are robust.

The Mother of All Cures for the Common Cold

Everyone’s immune system takes a beating in the winter. Here’s what to do if yours succumbs to a cold.

How to Make the Common Cold Less Common in Four Easy Steps

With winter and its resulting freezing temperatures arriving earlier than usual this year – now’s the time to start taking measures to boost your immune system to stay healthy. There are four important steps you can take to ward off the common cold.

What an Ancient Japanese Tradition Can Teach Us About Aging

Whether it comes from building things, caring for others or just spending time with loved ones, living a purpose-driven life is a well-documented recipe for a long and fruitful life.

4 Exercises for Happier Feet… and Better Mobility

The feet and ankles are two of the most common parts of the body to get hurt. To make matters worse, an injured foot makes any activity besides sitting on the couch more difficult.