Physical Health

Should You Flush This Coronavirus Theory Down the Drain?

A new study has found that the coronavirus could be transmitted simply by using a toilet… especially one that gets a lot of visitors

Can You GROW New Lungs?

The lungs have an incredible ability to heal after a smoker quits. And acupuncture is a surprising way that can help folks drop the habit.

The Latest Coronavirus Theory Is Blowing Smoke

French researchers are positing that smokers are less likely to contract the coronavirus. But the science behind their findings is shaky at best.

Saving Lives Should Not Be About Politics

A drug that could save lives has been given a political affiliation. It’s crazy.

That Little Blue Pill Is Hiding Something Critical About Your Health

Everyone’s favorite little blue pill isn’t really fixing the problem of sexual dysfunction. It’s testosterone levels that are the key.

Two Tricks to Relieve Stress in Less Than 10 Minutes

Acupressure is an easy, free and fast way to relieve stress. And you can do it from the safety of your home.

Stress Relief in the Palm of Your Hand

If your usual de-stressing activities are off the table due to social distancing, there’s an easy alternative to release that tension. And you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

An Early Warning Sign of the Coronavirus

We’ve heard about fever and shortness of breath. But stomach and digestive issues can also be signs of the coronavirus.

7 Steps to Build Immunity

What would happen if we all asked ourselves what we can personally do to keep ourselves healthy and safe from the coronavirus?

The Perfect Combination to Help You Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for fighting off viruses. And there’s a perfect pair of supplements that can help you get that valuable shut-eye.