Physical Health

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Coronavirus is no longer only targeting old and immunocompromised people. It’s now impacting young people.

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The Common Drug You Should Avoid When You’re Sick

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The Ridiculously Easy Trick to Improve Your Sex Life

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Three Simple Ways to Combat Your Cold Symptoms

If you’ve been dealing with cold symptoms for much longer than a week, you could have a bacterial infection on your hands. Luckily, there’s an easy way to treat it – no antibiotics required.

Reduce Arthritis Problems With Just 10 Minutes a Day

Arthritis often grows into a life-altering disability. But less than 10 minutes of this per day can dramatically slash that risk.

Four Dynamic Stretches to Keep You Moving

Just a few minutes of dynamic stretching a day goes a long way. Try these four easy stretches to help keep your muscles nice and nimble.

Stretches That Do More Harm Than Good

Contrary to popular belief, stretching doesn’t always help warm up your muscles. And flexibility isn’t really an indicator of your overall health.