Physical Health

Try This “Health Hack” to Feel Stronger and Healthier

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training can help encourage muscle growth and strength in just half the time of typical exercise

The Dangerous Myth of Low Cholesterol

Having high cholesterol usually has no symptoms… and it turns out there’s good reason for that.

Does an App a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

While watching TV, you hear your phone vibrate. What if it was a prompt to remind you to get up and go for a walk? Or to even just stand up and stretch? Would you get up?

A Four-Legged Prescription That Makes Your Heart Stronger

The benefits of having a dog in your life are vast… albeit expensive. But as you’ll see, our K-9 companions do earn their keep.

Joint Pain Holding You Back? Do This Today.

Many people living with chronic pain fear that exercise will make their pain worse. But there’s a simple way to ease joint pain… and potentially even reduce it by more than 50%.

Don’t Ignore These 6 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

Recognizing and acting on the early signs and symptoms of diabetes will help reduce the chance of severe complications… or reverse the condition all together.

Stiff Competition for Superfoods

Adaptogens are a group of herbs and mushrooms that have seemingly magical abilities to help our bodies handle stressors. They can “adapt” their functionality according of the specific needs of the body. These needs can be physical, chemical or even biological.

They can also aide your immune system and help with exercise warmup and recovery.