This Dessert Could Save Your Life

Here’s something few folks know. It’s something that could save your life.

Cancer is not the result of bad luck. It’s not some deadly lottery that picks people at random.

And the notion that cancer “runs in families” is bunk.

It’s an outdated and antiquated theory.

Get this… According to the National Cancer Institute, genetics are responsible for just 5% to 10% of cancer cases.

The other 95%?

They’re caused by our environment and the bad stuff we put in our bodies.

It’s no coincidence that cancer rates have soared as the quality of our food has plunged. To anybody paying attention, it should be obvious that the best way to avoid cancer is to eat properly.

The Perfect Dessert

We’ve covered a slew of healthy foods in these essays. We’ve looked at the benefits of coffee, potatoes, nuts and fish.

But what about dessert?

Well, we hope you’ve been saving room. We’ve got the recipe for the perfect after-dinner treat.

It contains three main ingredients – chia seeds, yogurt and blueberries.

All three have merits that must be shared.

We’ll start with something so important to some ancient cultures that they were once used as a man’s measure of wealth… chia seeds.

Derived from a Central American plant in the mint family, chia seeds have some amazing benefits, especially if you’re looking for a natural, long-lasting boost of energy.

Some say the tiny seeds are powerful enough to feed an army.

Indeed, Aztec warriors reportedly ate the seeds before going into battle – touting the fact that just one spoonful could sustain them for 24 hours.

Today, runners are the main proponents of chia seeds.

The tiny bites deliver a massive amount of nutrients with very few calories. They’re packed with protein (about 14% of their total weight). They contain more omega-3s than the equivalent weight of salmon. And a single ounce offers nearly 20% of your body’s daily calcium requirement.

A spoonful of chia seeds each day is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Fill ‘Er Up

Our next ingredient is yogurt – an ultra-healthy food that most folks are familiar with.

But what you may not know is yogurt is quite a good source of protein. That’s good news for folks trying to build or maintain their strength… but it’s also a critical factor for folks looking to lose weight.

Protein, scientists now know, is the key trigger to releasing the hormones that tell us our stomach is full.

It’s what tells our body when enough is enough.

By ensuring ample protein intake, yogurt naturally keeps us eating less. One study, in fact, showed that yogurt eaters routinely consumed 100 fewer calories per meal.

That’s huge.

You Should Know This

Our third ingredient gets high marks from the medical crowd. Some even say it’s the perfect fruit.

Blueberries have been shown to improve memory… lower blood pressure… reduce depression… cut inflammation… and even lower blood sugar levels.

But it’s the tiny fruit’s role in cancer treatment that gets our attention.

This is huge.

In a report released not too long ago (and yet we bet you still haven’t heard about it), doctors proved that adding simple blueberry extract to traditional radiation therapy can significantly improve cancer survival rates.

Check out these numbers.

When docs treated cancer cells with radiation alone… it killed 20% of the cells.

And when they treated the same types of cells using only blueberry extract… it killed 25% of the cells.

The natural cure was better than the “scientific” one.

But keep reading…

When the study combined the two treatments, the number of deadly cancer cells plunged by 70%.

So, um, how about some blueberries?

The Recipe for the Perfect Dessert

When we combine these three main ingredients with just a handful of others, we get a delicious dessert or midday snack.

And unlike most processed snack foods today, this one can help extend your life… not shorten it.

It’s called chia seed pudding.

Here’s the recipe.

Click to view printable recipe

It’s a healthy – and delicious – dessert.

Its ingredients prove that good health isn’t for folks with good luck.

Good health is for folks who make good decisions.

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