Don’t Filter Out This Cancer-Fighting Mineral in Your Water

The bottled water industry has made a pretty penny telling us the water we drink should be as pure as the driven snow.

So we pay big bucks for wasteful prepackaged water… or for fancy water filters to remove as much as possible from our drinking water.

On the one hand, it makes perfect sense… Yes, we want to filter out any lead contaminants. And the amount of pharmaceuticals found in our drinking water is dangerous.

But on the other hand, we don’t want to get everything out of our water.

There are valuable minerals in water that do us good.

And one of these naturally occurring minerals in particular has been shown to reduce cancer risk and prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease… all while stabilizing our mood.

So what is this psychotropic mineral in our water?


Protect and Renew

The trace amounts of lithium found in drinking water have pretty much been overlooked since municipal water became a thing. Nobody monitors it.

But they should…

Danish researchers just recently started looking at lithium levels in water. And what they found was surprising, to say the least.

Looking at data from more than 800,000 subjects, they found a significant difference between lithium levels in the water supply of those who developed dementia and those who didn’t.

Lower levels of naturally occurring lithium in the water were associated with a 20% increase in dementia cases.

And those with the highest amounts of lithium in their water had a 20% decline in dementia cases.

But that’s not all…

This stuff both protects and renews brain cells…

One study found that regular doses of lithium increased brain matter by 3% in less than a month.

This little mineral also increases the production of a protein called Bcl-2, which plays an important role in protecting our brains against toxins.

And the good news about lithium’s ability to tamp down cancer risk is even better.

A regular dose of lithium has been shown to reduce cancer rates by as much as 45%.

Stay Hydrated

It might sound crazy, but we can actually slash our risk of cancer and dementia just by drinking water… As long as it hasn’t been stripped of vital minerals. (That’s why I use a simple carbon filter.)

By no means is this a call for state and local governments to step in and start adding lithium to our water. We’ve been watching how they handle our water supply, and their track record isn’t so hot, to put it mildly.

But it is another reminder that Ma Nature knows what she’s doing. She has a pretty solid track record on this sort of thing.

We don’t need prescription quantities of lithium to reap all these benefits. So no, thanks, Big Pharma.

We can get all the brain-boosting, cancer-fighting benefits just from the water we drink.

If ever there were a reason to stay hydrated, this one makes it a no-brainer.

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