Keep the Spark Alive in Retirement

We get a lot more than a paycheck from our jobs.

They can bring a sense of purpose to our lives.

They keep us social and interacting with others.

And they keep us focused on tasks and goals.

When we retire, we can lose that focus. And some new research has revealed just how critical that can be.

Stay Focused

Retirement brings a lot of joy… free time… kissing rush hour traffic goodbye. And casual Friday? More like casual every day.

But it can’t be all margaritas and cheeseburgers in paradise.

Keeping a tightly regimented schedule is the key.

Retirement has been shown to double the rate of cognitive aging.

When our brains are constantly challenged, like they are during the workday, it keeps neural pathways open and processing speed in good shape.

But when we stop using our minds the same way, these pathways can become dormant.

When the neural networks start to break down, information needs to travel through alternate routes. This slows down information processing a good bit.

If the brain takes longer to process and make sense of information, the brain’s more likely to forget it.

This is why setting regular goals grows even more important in retirement.

The good news is they can be much different goals from work-oriented ones. And you get to set them.

Really simple goals, like maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, can actually make a big difference. Reading a book a week. Picking up a new hobby. Volunteering.

(We even have a handy-dandy planner from Practical Health Today and Manward Press founder Andy Snyder that can help you plan out your day. Click here to check it out.)

All of these will help maintain the same healthy neural pathways that going to work used to.

Retirement should be fun, but not to the point that it dulls your mind. Just simple tasks can help keep your brain active and help you make the most of living on – and enjoying – your own schedule.

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