The Hidden Cancer Fighter You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

If you could boost free testosterone levels by 25% for about a nickel a day, would you do it?

What if you found out that nickel could also buy you increased memory and hand-eye coordination?

Now let’s wrap this up and propose that nickel a day could also help boost vitamin D levels and make your bones and joints stronger.

Who doesn’t think that’s worth $0.05 a day?

There’s an important – yet completely overlooked – mineral that’s absolutely essential for optimizing our health. And it costs just pennies on the dollar to add to your daily regimen.

I’m talking about the decidedly unboring boron.

No Bones About It

Here’s the problem… While this mineral is incredibly helpful, there are few issues linked to being deficient in it.

So no doctor is going to run a test to make sure you’re getting enough of it.

That means lots of folks are deficient in boron… and the number is growing due to the widespread use of commercial fertilizers, which are stripping soil of critical nutrients.

That’s a real shame because in addition to what I mentioned above, boron lowers the risk of arthritis. And folks already dealing with osteoarthritis can see up to a 50% reduction in painful symptoms when they get enough of it.

We know how important calcium is for building and maintaining strong bones. But it’s completely useless without other key nutrients that allow the body to absorb it. And one of those minerals, of course, is boron.

It helps by increasing calcium absorption through the gut. And boron increases estradiol levels in women and boosts testosterone levels in men… both of which have been linked to stronger, denser bones.

And this stuff helps us maintain proper vitamin D levels by blocking the enzyme that breaks it down in the body. That’s another boon for our bones.

But not getting enough boron has been shown to reduce the percentage of osteoblasts (these are the cells that build bones). One study found that those who were boron deficient had a 63% reduction in osteoblasts.

Essentially, boron helps give us bones of steel.

Stopping Cancer in Its Tracks

This humble mineral is so powerful that Big Pharma has even gotten in on the action, but not to boost testosterone levels or give us strong and healthy bones. It’s marketing its cancer-fighting properties.

It has boron-containing drugs like bortezomib, which is a chemotherapy treatment for multiple myeloma. But that’s just the tip of the cancer-fighting iceberg… and you don’t need Big Pharma’s fancy, overpriced version to reap the benefits.

Check this out…

A Turkish study analyzed cases of cervical cancer. It found that women living in areas with low levels of boron in the food supply had a significantly increased risk of cervical cancer.

But for those living in boron-rich regions, there wasn’t a single case of cervical cancer. Not one.

Researchers believe this comes from boron’s ability to fight off the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is thought to be the cause of cervical cancer. So boron halts cervical cancer before it even has a chance to get going.

And fellas, there’s more good news for us too.

A hefty dose of boron has been shown to cut the risk of prostate cancer in half. This reduced risk of prostate cancer came from a measly 1.8 milligrams (mg) per day.

Equally exciting, boron has been shown to prevent prostate cancer cells from growing and spreading. One study even found that boron could shrink prostate tumors by as much as 38%.

With all of these powerful benefits, boron is the ally you didn’t know you were missing. Here’s how to fix that…

Healthy and Cheap

You can get boron naturally by eating apples, some dried beans and potatoes. It’s also in coffee and milk, but at paltry levels.

Most of the positive effects of boron come from 2 mg to 3.5 mg per day. You’d need to drink 6 liters of milk to get anywhere near that or eat five to six apples a day.

I like apples and all, but that’s a little much even for me.

That’s why a natural supplement makes the most sense… and it’s cheap. You can easily find boron supplements that will cost pennies a day.

While there is no “official” guideline for how much boron we should have in our system, the evidence is clear. With all of its benefits, taking 3 mg of boron daily will give your health an optimal boost.

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