[WARNING] The Scary Truth About Coronavirus Vaccines

The coronavirus damage is dwindling… but you wouldn’t know that from watching the news. And the government seems to be taking its cues from the panic-stricken media.

Death tolls peaked more than a month ago, and the trend is continuing downward.

Georgia opened for business weeks ago. According to reports, more than 62,000 people visited the state to see what normal feels like again.

The media bashed them every which way but loose.

That was supposed to spell bad news for everyone involved. Death tolls in Georgia are going to spike, the media assured everyone.

And guess what hasn’t happened yet?

But the media’s narrative is the same. It’s just a matter of time, they keep telling us.

The level of deceit is stunning.

Meanwhile, the hysteria has rushed the government to likely unleash the most fast-tracked vaccine ever on the American public this fall.

Big Pharma mainstay AstraZeneca says it’s already received orders for more than 400 million doses of its mystery mix.

That’s for a vaccine that hasn’t cleared a single clinical trial yet, mind you.

You can count me out on that one… and here’s why.

Gray Skies Are Clearing

Now, this virus is one for the history books for sure.

It has caused extraordinary damage around the world.

But here’s the thing. This virus first showed up on the radar less than six months ago.

And Big Pharma is racing to stick a dose of its concoction into folks by September.

That’s not how this works.

Vaccine development is a long process.

Ebola showed up in West Africa seven years ago, and the FDA just approved the first vaccine last December.

And that’s considered pretty fast.

It’s not uncommon for it to take 10 to 15 years to develop a vaccine.

But drug companies are taking a page from Facebook’s playbook and entering an era of “move fast and break things.”

That motto didn’t work so well for Facebook. And that sure as hell isn’t how medicine works.

Uncertain Measures

If these guys are looking to unveil this to the public by September, there’s no way they could have followed all of the usual safety protocols.

The process usually starts with animal tests.

But uncertain times apparently call for uncertain measures.

Pfizer started human trials using its potion in May.

And the biotech firm Moderna just released the results from its first human trials last week to much fanfare.

But the scientists actually looking at the data weren’t overly impressed.

Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci said that the results were “quite promising.”

That’s not surprising coming from the guy who has pinned all of his hope on a mysterious shot.

“Clearly, the end game would be a safe and effective vaccine…” he told CBS News in April.

I don’t think he looked at the data the same way the scientists did.

Because here’s the scary part…

A Deadly Cure

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are using messenger RNA (mRNA).

There have been a total of zero approved mRNA vaccines. And none have been tested in large-scale clinical trials.

Researchers have tested mRNA vaccines against coronaviruses in the past on ferrets.

Ferrets and humans are very similar in the way we develop and deal with lung infections. So that part makes sense.

And when they stuck these poor ferrets with the mRNA vaccines, the antibody response was fantastic.

But when they subjected the ferrets to the virus the vaccines were supposed to protect them from, things didn’t go according to plan. Here’s the thing about mRNA vaccines…

There are lots of safety concerns, like how these types of vaccines can lead to local and systemic inflammation.

They can stimulate autoreactive antibodies, which occur in a number of neurological disorders. And they’ve been shown to trigger potential toxic effects on nucleic acids, like our DNA.

In these ferret tests, inflammation quickly showed up all over the place. The vaccinated animals had much higher levels of inflammation in their lungs than their unvaccinated counterparts.

The “cure” just made the disease stronger and more deadly.

There’s a reason companies stopped trying to crack the code on these mRNA vaccines…

The initial response to these types of vaccines is fantastic. But once the disease comes into play, it has the ability to make things much worse.

If we’re supposed to be gearing up for COVID-19 in the fall again, the last thing I’ll be doing is compromising myself any further via an unproven vaccine with a deadly track record.

Would you take a coronavirus vaccine if it became available this fall? Let us know your thoughts here.

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