That Little Blue Pill Is Hiding Something Critical About Your Health

Tens of millions of men around the world deal with erectile dysfunction. And the No. 1 treatment for it is a pill that offers a temporary fix.

Swallow it down with a glass of water and 30 minutes later everything “seems” to be working like it should.

What these bedroom boosters ignore is the fact that if things aren’t working right below the waist, they probably aren’t working right above the waist either.

And a new study shows that everybody’s favorite little blue pill could be covering up something critical about your health.

Here’s what you need to know…

Deadly Dysfunction

Many studies in the past on male health have drawn a correlation between low testosterone levels and increased mortality, but not clear causation.

In fact, some recent findings have been “inconclusive” regarding the relationship between the two. But that’s nonsense.

Finally, a proper analysis was done (to soon be published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society) and has set the record straight.

And I couldn’t agree more with the authors of this new report.

They looked into data from the European Male Ageing Study, which tracked hormonal changes in elderly men.

By tracking the relationship between hormone levels and sexual function for more than 12 years, they put together what I’ve been preaching all along (and have experienced firsthand): Testosterone is positively vital for a long, happy and healthy life.

Here’s what they found…

One-quarter of the participants in the study died by the end of it.

Those with “normal” testosterone levels but who suffered from erectile dysfunction had a 51% higher risk of death than men who had no sexual problems… most notably from cardiovascular issues.

But those who suffered from sexual performance issues and low testosterone levels had an even higher likelihood of premature death.

An even closer look revealed that those with general erectile dysfunction, weak erections in the morning or an overall low libido were at a greater risk of death than those with no sexual issues.

And those who suffered from all three were nearly twice as likely to die prematurely than those with none of those symptoms.

Men with the lowest levels of testosterone were highly more likely to die prematurely than those with high testosterone levels.

Check Your Levels

These results speak for themselves.

When sexual potency fades, our bodies are telling us loud and clear that something is wrong.

Instead of looking for a prescription that will simply fix problems in the bedroom, men should be getting their hormone levels checked.

The fact is testosterone levels have absolutely plummeted across the board.

Toxic chemicals in the air and dangerous herbicides used to treat our food are all speeding up the natural decline in our levels of testosterone.

Common cholesterol drugs like statins are also linked to a decrease in testosterone production.

So there’s a lot working against us… and that means it’s critical to address any issues in your sexual health head-on.

The pill pushers will be happy to take your money for their temporary fix. But long term, that’s not going to do you or your body any good.

So talk to your doctor… and check out these three simple ways to boost testosterone levels naturally at home.

Because getting back to business in the bedroom is a surefire sign your body is firing on all cylinders.

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