One More Reason to Stop Taking This Drug Every Day

A daily dose of aspirin…

It’s been a mantra of conventional medicine for generations.

After all, it’s a pain reliever, fever reducer and inflammation fighter all wrapped up in one little pill.

And it can also prevent blood clots.

That last one is why folks are often prescribed a daily aspirin.

But it’s been proven to offer no benefit for healthy people over 70.

And now there’s even more reason to keep it out of your daily routine…

Dangerous Dosage

Last year, as a tidal wave of fresh data showed the dangerous side effects of a daily dose of aspirin, the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology finally caught up with the science.

The groups recommended against the routine use of aspirin for people older than 70, and people with increased bleeding risk who have no existing cardiovascular disease.

A review of 13 studies with more than 130,000 patients found that a daily aspirin regimen increases the risk of brain hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) by a whopping 37%.

It turns out that blood-thinning quality doesn’t limit itself to just clogged arteries.

This is an even bigger risk factor in older adults. That’s because blood vessels become naturally thinner with age – especially in the brain. Plus, as we age, we lose some volume in the brain. And that can cause blood vessels to be pulled and make them even more prone to rupturing.

This is a very dangerous and even life-threatening condition.

No Benefits

And yet, over the years, researchers told us daily aspirin use was beneficial…

Namely for reducing the risk of memory loss or even preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

The thinking behind it was that aspirin’s anti-inflammatory properties might lessen inflammation in the brain. And if inflammation is a biomarker for dementia and cognitive decline, then reducing it could help.

But it turns out that an aspirin a day does not keep dementia at bay…

A nearly five-year-long study published in the journal Neurology just came to this conclusion in no uncertain terms.

With nearly 20,000 participants – half given 100 milligrams of aspirin a day, half not – the study found no difference of the likelihood of cognitive decline between the two groups.

To be sure, it’s disappointing news that a simple over-the-counter medication can’t help stave off dementia or other cognitive issues…

But it’s vital to know that there is even less reason to take a daily dose of aspirin.

The benefits just aren’t there.

There is one caveat to stopping an aspirin regimen, however.

Folks who have been taking a daily aspirin and stop abruptly can have what’s called a “rebound effect.” A jarring halt to a daily dose can trigger blot clots… which leads to an increased risk of heart attack.

So if this is you, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about your desire to avoid taking aspirin every day and find out a good way for you to mitigate any risk factors.

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