Supercharge Your Antioxidants With This Common Spice

Editor’s Note: This week we’re looking at some of the powerful – and simple – ways you can slow your body’s aging process. There’s a lot more to come… and on Thursday we’re going to tell you about an anti-aging breakthrough that combines the best of nature with modern science. You don’t want to miss it.

On Saturday we went over the power of antioxidants… and how they can help slow the aging process.

(If you missed that one, check it out here.)

The great news is fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices and even dark chocolate are full of these powerful nutrients.

But the problem with the human body is it’s not always great at absorbing and using all the good things we feed it.

Even if you eat all the berries and chocolate you can muster, your body won’t be able to put all of their antioxidants to work.

And they’ll never get the chance to fight off the free radicals floating around in our bodies.

There’s an easy “hack” to fix this problem. It’s about as cheap as you can get when it comes to powerful natural health solutions. That’s because it has to do with a common – but overlooked – spice that practically everybody has… yet nobody ever seems to talk about.

A Tale of Two Spices

Salt gets a lot of attention. We’ve all seen study after study asking whether salt is good for us. One week it is; the next week it’s not. It’s hard to keep track of all the headlines.

But for some reason, its trusty counterpart doesn’t attract the same amount of research.

That’s a real shame. You see, black pepper has a powerful bioactive compound called piperine. This stuff is kind of amazing.

Why? Because our bodies can absorb and use only a small fraction of the nutrients contained in our food.

But piperine helps put them to work.

It dials up a process called thermogenesis. This helps with digestion and absorption. In short, it naturally increases your body’s demand for antioxidants. It’s like a direct order to put more of the raw materials you supply it with to work.

For instance, studies have shown that pairing piperine with an antioxidant-rich spice like turmeric can increase antioxidant absorption by 2,000%… making it that much more likely to attack free radicals and slow the aging process.

To put it simply, piperine takes what’s good for us and makes it even more useful.

So for just a couple of bucks, you can ensure the antioxidants you already eat are being put to work. Even better, research shows the piperine in black pepper comes with unique health benefits of its own:

And on top of all this and its antioxidant-boosting powers, it also brings its own antioxidants to the table.

Now, just like with salt, not all pepper is created equal.

Pre-ground pepper, like the powdery stuff commonly found in a little tin or restaurant shakers, has been exposed to oxidation. So while the piperine is still present, it’s not as potent.

This makes freshly cracked pepper a better choice. You’ll be spicing up your dish on demand with the unoxidized and more potent form of piperine.

And on top of enhancing the effectiveness of antioxidants that unleash better, healthier aging, it happens to taste a lot better too.

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